Pathosaurus Rex

by The Northwest Man



released July 3, 2012


all rights reserved



The Northwest Man Talladega, Alabama

I am nothing.
I am nowhere.

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Track Name: Women's Magazine
I am reading things obscene
In your old women's magazine
I'm sure this can't be right
In the back of my head I scream, "NO!"
I know I am out of line
I was your "knight in shining armor" but it's dulled with time
I will write it, say it, sing it, play it, then forget it
Never understanding how you let it
Into this heart in a forest full of shame
Track Name: Gravity
As I'm praying towards the sky
My words and letters form and fly
But as they float they come unbound
And they start falling towards the ground
I begin to pick them up
The more I try the more they're stuck
I realize that faith is free
But not as strong as gravity
But as I try
To understand
I realize I can't
So I move on
At least I try
To find my way again
Death is just a word that means that I can't stay alive
Fear is just a word that means that I can't stay alive
Track Name: The Boy
His mother cried in bed
When she found out his father was dead
And she laid with a blade
And she moved it from her wrist up to the suede
While the boy took a swim at the school
His dear mother was surrounded by a pool
Twenty-five years go by
He is stunned by the death of his wife
With his gun death is planned
When he eels the little fingers grasp his hand
And his son looks deep into his soul
As the boy starts to regain control
Track Name: Keep Telling
I'm at the point of laughing
I don't know why
I find it's easier for you
You think it gets much better
But that's a lie
There's nothing else that I can do
Is my reply
I don't know what I'm gonna say
You want your life much sweeter
You're gonna try
But it's a waste of time
I say to you
Keep telling yourself it's gonna okay
Keep telling yourself it's gonna be alright
One little white lie ain't gonna hurt too much
Especially when you die
Track Name: Nancy
Every time you walk into this room
My lungs collapse in happiness
Every time you whisper in my ear
Your sweet perfume surrounds me
Every time
I open up my heart
You don't come in, but you wreck the place
No one thought that I could fall in love
Oh Nancy
No one thought that I could ever fall in love
But I would dance with the Devil
Just to be with you